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One of the Nation's Largest Manufacturers of Street Light Brackets
Birmingham, Alabama

About SALCo

Formed in February of 2000, SALCo has rapidly become the go-to for fabricating specialized brackets for electric utility companies. Our customers are in the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean. We employ knowledgeable welders and fabricators to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Through our years of experience with electric utility customers, we have ascertained knowledge about the industry, the bidding process, and efficiencies of scale.

Custom fabrication of electrial substations was a natural evolution of our core bracket production business. As we built steel transmission crossarms, foundation anchors, and cutout/arrester brackets for customers, we realized the need for substation components in the electric utility field.

We continually strive to be cost-effective, efficient, and customer service -driven through modern technology, outstanding vendor relationships, and personal attention to our customers.